The Who…

Hi there, I’m Kat and I’m a London/Surrey based fully qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist and Natural Chef with a cooking addiction. And a coffee addiction.

I love food.. I mean really love food. To the point where friends and family actually laugh at my obsession/addiction/passion. Yes, I am passionate about food. I love choosing my holidays around food, date nights with my partner around food and especially adapting and creating recipes so I can cook them daily rather than just on special occasions.

For years I struggled with a sustainable diet and fitness regime. I’ll confess to falling prey to a few fad diets and crazes out there. But becoming a nutritionist helped me to understand real food gives real results. And I can honestly say I’m the happiest, healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been.

Another passion of mine is motivating people to embrace food and understand that food can have a massive impact on your wellbeing. As a Nutritional Therapist my aim is to educate and encourage you when it comes to food choices. To learn how your body best functions with a few dietary changes and to help you be the best version of you. For me its all about healthy recipes and practical nutritional advice.

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