“Push, Pull, Legs” You What?!…

In my last post I briefly touched upon my recent career change. From years of shift work and no set working pattern to a Monday – Friday 7am to 4ish has been a delightful discovery.. Can’t lie, the Sunday Blues is a real thing.. and I did have to apologise to the hubster for never understanding or believing this phenomenon.. Of course, being a diva, the first few weeks I suffered from Saturday AND Sunday Blues, but I soon managed to ditch my inner brat..

Anyway the reason I mention this new career path is because I now work in a gym. For years I’ve managed to work on my own diet and have now found what works for me. What I have never managed is to combine eating well and training properly for maximum results. Jet lag, tiredness and apathy all played a part but I think no continuity was the biggest problem. Different gyms, weird time zones, unusual equipment..

So having a free gym at my disposal made me wonder why I still wasn’t taking advantage and working towards that hint of a six pack I’ve always dreamed of. And I realised I’m a little intimidated. I am incredibly confident deadlifting, rowing, sprinting and sparring. But that’s where it stops. I have no idea how to make the most of my time in the gym. For years I’ve heard the casually thrown around phrases “Leg Day” “Back Day” and then most recently “Push, Pull, Legs” And I had no idea what these meant.

I asked the lovely trainers at my gym to devise me a plan. Unfortunately this all came about after returning to work in December and closing again 3 weeks later. And somehow this gym plan escalated into a 6 month body transformation plan,… with everyone getting involved and choosing to help out in this adventure of mine. Which I am so excited about.. Although I’ve not been able to hit the gym and start on the exercise part I’ve committed to the challenge by taking the ‘before’ pics in underwear and gym wear. I log my measurements weekly and create weekly meal plans which again I log.

As of the 1st January the hubster and I are hitting our daily target of 10 thousand steps and as of this week I’m starting to use the spin bike again and include a minimum of 3 a week home workouts.

Normally I’d ramp up my training before a holiday, or like last year our wedding, so this slower paced more in depth plan is really enjoyable. Specially as I’m doing it solely for me. Well, and to totally rock a bikini when I’m next poolside. To walk around comfortably and to sit on the pool edge without having to suck everything in, that’s the goal.

I’ve made many excuses in the past, put things off or only semi committed so I am so grateful for all the support from my work buddies and the hubster. Surrounding yourself with the right people is probably the hardest battle in any journey or challenge.

So since I decided to complete a 6 month body transformation what have I learnt?

Plan. Plan your meals, your weekly exercises, if and when you’re having a cheat meal..

I spend too much money on frivolous things.. how many eye shadows and mascaras does one woman need?! Specially during lockdown!!

A slow cooker is the best tool in my kitchen

Soup is super. It’s a great meal for lunch. Fills you up, is warming and full of nourishing goodness.. Step away from the cream people. We’re talking beans, pulses, vegetables..

Go back to basics. Go for a daily walk, drink lots of water, moisturise, eat all food groups

Don’t beat yourself up. If you’ve decided to take part in Dry January, Veganuary, start a diet and you have a bad day or weekend just shake it off and get straight back on it. Like I said last time, be kind to yourself.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve got this far

Anyway chat soon and as before, any questions or points, get in touch


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